Gone are the days where idle fingers created idle minds, as the old saying goes.  Back in the day, homes had a quilting frame living in their home, always ready for the next quilting project.  Quilting clubs were the norm and gathered at a member’s home in order to spend the afternoon hand-stitching the host’s current quilting project.  At this time community news was discussed along with the local gossip.  Refreshments were served and members exchanged quilt patterns and material scraps.

Vibrant Quilt Patterns

During these times, most of the quilting members lived in a house that was drab and unpainted.  Therefore, quilt patterns were vibrant and revealed beautiful designs.  And the hand quilting of the better quilters was so delicate that you required good eyesight in order and patience in order to see the quilt to completion.

Quilt Tops

Nowadays, many of the quilt tops are pieced together using a sewing machine.  But, back in the day, quilt tops were pieced together by hand, sewing each square together with one loving stitch at a time.  With the arrival of the treadle sewing machine, quilt tops could be pieced together more quickly and families could swiftly piece together a family heirloom for their children.

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